Three friends from different sectors; Julien Martin, Erçin Aras, Beyazıt Bertan Battal turned their admiration for the kitchen and table into a brand.


The adventure that started in 2019 with the longing felt by Julien Martin, who opened many restaurants and shared the taste with thousands of guests, for French cuisine and cast iron pots and pans, which are indispensable for French cuisine, united three friends in the same goal. Eating is a special experience for them. This experience starts with choosing seasonal, fresh products from local markets and markets, then continues with healthy and tasteful cooking. The most enjoyable part of cooking is being able to share delicious meals around the same table with their families and loved ones, just as the French live in their daily lives.


They named this brand Voeux, which means wish and desire in French, so that happy kitchens and tables become reality as they wish.


The Voeux team worked for 2 years on quality, longevity and affordability, creating these cast iron pots and pans that they would first want to use in their kitchens. They added superior elegance to all these features because this product, which can come from the kitchen to the table, should also be visually pleasing.


Not wanting to limit the Voeux brand to only cast iron pots and pans, the team added many stylish and useful assistants to accompany the brand. Stylish chef and steak knives, wooden and marble presentations and of course cutting boards...


Thus, Voeux became the brand of an adventure starting from cooking to sharing at the table.


And now with you so that you can live every moment of your life to the fullest with your loved ones...

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