Voeux Elegance Cast Iron Round Skillet  28 cm Black

Voeux Elegance Cast Iron Round Skillet 28 cm Black (1100172102801)

Price : $219.00
Vat included : $219.00

MEET WITH the timeless elegance and superior taste of cast iron.



  • Voeux Cast Iron Cookware is a candidate to be the most valuable member of kitchens with its wide range of usage, increasing the taste and stylish design. Produced from 100% Ore Iron.
  • Voeux Cast Iron products save energy with their long-term durability.
  • The 3 coats of glossy glass paint certificates the Voeux Cast Iron Cookware products with Food Contact Certification and also provides long-term use without losing their color vibrancy.
  • It is much healthier than other cooking utensils, as there is no need to use oil in dishes made with Voeux Cast Iron pots.
  • Specially designed lid with aesthetic appearance has droplet technology inside the lid. With this technology, which allows the steam of the cooked food to return to the food, so the dishes do not lose any vitamins and minerals when cooked.
  • Voeux pots are resistant to many different temperatures, from the stovetop or the oven interior.
  • Voeux products can be used for many different types of food, from bread to yogurt making.


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