With the processing of iron taking its place in human history, its relationship with fire and food began. Throughout history, all civilizations cooked their food with cast iron. With the introduction of technology into human life, lighter products began to be preferred for cooking. However, as our awareness of natural nutrition, recycling and energy saving increased, cast iron products became an indispensable part of our kitchen again.


Since iron is a mineral obtained from nature, iron casting is natural in every product due to its structure. Cast iron products, the inner surface of which is coated with enamel, provide high ease of use. Enamel is a glass lining that prevents acid-containing vegetables and fruits from rusting on iron.


The feature that makes cast iron products an important part of kitchens is that they spread the heat evenly to the bottom of the whole pot or pan in a short time, and the dishes cooked in this way are much more delicious. The feature of spreading the heat in a short time brings with it taste and energy saving.


You cook healthily in cast iron pots. Since all vegetables and meats are cooked in their own juices and technically the steam output is at a minimum, you preserve all the vitamins and minerals of the food you cook. It is the most stylish piece for healthy kitchen life.


Meat tastes different in cast iron pans. The meat surface sealed in the pan, which is heated evenly, keeps all its flavor inside and offers a wonderful taste experience.


The favorite of the culinary cultures that the French do not compromise is again cast iron pots and pans. For the French, who don't mind the fast pace of life, eating is still a feast shared with family and loved ones.





Unlike many different brands, with Voeux Casting products produced from 100% ore iron, you will have high-quality cast iron pots and pans that you can easily transfer to the next generations as well as high quality.


Voeux products, which are colored with 4 layers of non-carcinogenic glossy paint, accompany you in your kitchen for a long time without losing their color vibrancy. Its specially designed cover is stylish from the outside and is equipped with droplet technology from the inside. With this technology, which allows the steam of the cooked food to return to the food, you can cook meals that do not lose any vitamins and minerals.


You can use it on the stove or in the oven with high temperature resistant Voeux pots and pans. You can use Voeux products for many different types of food, from bread to yogurt making. It's up to you to even make dessert on your voeux pan.


You can enjoy grilling alone with Voeux plates, which are indispensable for breakfast. You can keep the food hot for a long time on your table with the Voeux plates that you can have with its stylish trivet.


These are just a few reasons we can think of to choose Voeux in your kitchen today. It's up to you to discover all the flavors.






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