DELIVERY AND RETURNS aims to provide unconditional customer satisfaction in online shopping. Shipping is free for orders over 850 TL.

Free Shipping: Orders over 850 TL are shipped free of charge. Your order will be shipped to your registered delivery address by courier within 7 business days. Please check your delivery address before placing your order.

In accordance with relevant legislation, during the delivery process of mail items, service providers (postal and courier companies) are required to record the recipient's name, surname, and Turkish ID number (passport number for foreign nationals, international equivalent, or identification number issued by authorized Turkish authorities) for the purpose of identity verification. The recipient's personal information is kept confidential and stored for at least two years to be presented to relevant authorities if necessary. If the recipient does not wish to provide their identity information, the shipment will not be delivered and returned to the sender.

Free Return Shipping: If you wish to return a product or products you have purchased, you can send them for free with UPS or Aras Kargo within 30 days by logging into your Voeux account and submitting a return request.

Return Shipping with UPS:

  • Go to an Ups branch and inform the staff that you want to make a return and give them the 7V8359 current code for the return process.
  • Create a courier request from the Ups website and call a courier to your address. When the courier arrives, you can complete the return process with the code 7V8359.

Return Shipping with Aras Kargo:

  • Go to an Aras Kargo branch and inform the staff that you want to make a return and give them the OPLOG OPERATIONAL LOGISTICS INC. / 15040419334799 code. You should also deliver the product(s) you want to return.
  • During the return process, you must share the return code with the staff and inform them that the return process will be made under the Voeux Kitchen brand.

Return Conditions

30-day return policy: To initiate the return process for the products you want to return, fill out the return form on our online store and return the product(s) within 30 days from the delivery date. The product(s) must comply with the return conditions to be eligible for a return.

Free return policy: If you return the products you want to return through UPS or Aras Kargo as described above, you will not be charged for shipping. Notification of receipt of return: An e-mail will be sent to you when your return arrives.




Refunds: If the products you have returned meet the return conditions, we will send your refund to your bank within 3 business days. While the average reflection time on credit cards is 1-3 business days, this process may take longer for debit cards. Transactions made with installment payments will also be refunded in installments, as required by bank procedures.


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